July 19, 2016


Nice words from some of our happy customers!

Its nice to know that your business is in good hands.  Below are some of the kind words and comments from our customers.

“Wow, that was fast! Thank you so very much for this. Please let me know if you’d like any form of testimonial. I don’t think I could be more impressed than I am right now. Thanks again!” –  Paul Ryan (Howick)

“Business Allsorts have been a God-Send to me starting up a new business. I can call Maree anytime to bounce ideas off and she is always so friendly and warm to deal with. Her no nonsense approach to business is both insightful and inspiring. Despite the very affordable cost of their services I never felt quality was in any way compromised. Maree always met deadlines and I could rely on her to be highly organised and reliable. Now I have discovered Business Allsorts I would not consider going anywhere else! Not only do I get a superior service I get it with a smile and overall that’s become an asset over an expense and one that I can trust and depend on.” – Jane Parsons (Shine Management Assistance)

“Business Allsorts helps Rent People by being there to bounce ideas off. Sometimes it can help immensely, just to sit down and discuss how to move forward with an idea or dream, how best to define a strategy, and then how to put this plan into action. I liked their attention to detail, and also very good with vision and planning, Business Allsorts is also able to help with the finer details if required. They are good with their knowledge, their facts, as well as the figures. I found the experience very worthwhile, Business Allsorts have saved us money, specifically by acting on our behalf and negotiating with our 3rd party suppliers who weren’t living up to their promises. Business Allsorts were able to help us shift our website suppliers to a more economical and dedicated supplier, and also help out on the technical aspects of the change too. Business Allsorts is the best one-stop-shop for small/medium enterprises that we have found to help with our business affairs, it allows us to concentrate on what we are good at, and leave the finer details to the experts” – Sean Omeara (Rent People Ltd)

Accountant | Bookkeeper Auckland

“Business Allsorts helped us by taking the stress out of sorting our finances. Maree guided us and set a plan that worked for our budget and families needs and we have finally after years, managed savings without having to limit a lot of luxuries that we like to enjoy. We have far less worries and stresses in relation to money and overall are happier. One thing I liked was their ability to work along side us and always be available for when something difficult arose. Any questions were answered in a timely manner and we always felt as though we could approach with any issue or question. I found the experience easy, straight forward and ultimately life changing. The skills Maree has equipped us with in relation to dealing with our finances is invaluable. Even if you don’t think you need help with budgets or finances, make an appointment, it’s one sure way to get ahead and gain rather than sitting in the red or just on the line. I can guarantee if there is money there to save she can find it and would definitely recommend Maree from Business Allsorts” – Nathan & Danielle Crann (Beachlands)

“Business Allsorts have been providing Local Locksmiths with accounting, tax, administrative and advertising help since 2005. Although Maree is affiliated and I could be accused of being biased, I can honestly say that the only reason I am using her services in all areas of the business is because she is good at what she does. She is a big picture thinker, but also has an attention for detail as well as the technical skills, this means she can come up with the idea and put it into action. We have saved $1000’s not only on fees, but through streamlining and identifying cost savings. Maree has assisted with growing the business, creating new logos and artwork, taken over the website maintenance and now does all our online advertising. Our position on google moved from an average position of 45 to 4th place in less than 12months. Local Locksmiths has grown to a point that we are now employing staff. If you are looking for someone to help grow your business and streamline costs, I would recommend Business Allsorts for all aspects of small business management”  – Tony Wallace (Local Locksmiths Ltd)

“Maree was employed by Hallenstein Bros to centralise all the debtor and credit management processes which were previously carried out at store level across 60 branches nationwide, she successfully restructured the entire credit management function.  Her approach to the job was exemplary. In carrying out this project Maree had to liaise directly with our 60 store managers and gain their acceptance of the new policies.  This required careful diplomacy and she has to her credit gained the respect of everyone she dealt with. Because of the relatively large number of low value accounts, the emphasis has been placed on establishing automated processes to eliminate as much detail work as possible.  Maree has been involved in the design, testing and implementation of systems and has suggested many improvements that have enhanced the effectiveness of our systems. This has required direct contact with software consultants employed on this project. I believe it is largely due to Maree that we now have a very sophisticated and successful system.  In the relatively short time Maree has been with us, she has reduced our total outstanding by almost 50%, and given us the confidence to move forward and use credit options as a marketing tool.  It has been a privilege to have Maree work for us.  She is dedicated and committed and will put whatever effort is necessary in to ensure tasks are completed on time.  She has demonstrated excellent technical skills with Excel and Word applications and SQL query language.  I have no hesitation in recommending Maree” – Graeme Popplewell (Hallenstein Bros Ltd)